Monday, October 25, 2010

one more week

One more week to do the test, I have added mult choice. so if you want you can just guess.
One more week for Nightmare on 13th, sad day. I really dont want it to end
One more week to be 21, thats really weird to say.
one more week in October, and then everyone can gear up for Christmas and skip thinking about thanksgiving.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Have you been so tired that your brain just stop working, I know that mine has been in a state of pause for the pasted two weeks. lucky enough the things I do at both jobs you don't need a brain to do them. It seems now all I do is work, work and sleep. with any other free time, cleaning and going to church. I'm not saying I'm not enjoying doing nightmare and I will miss it when it ends but I really miss my sleep.

I have to say that working at nightmare is amazing, you throw a bunch of people from all walks of life and see how close we become. I feel so at home there. we can be ourselves and not feel like someone is judging us because we our all crazy, its great. it is funny to hear what other jobs people do outside of Nightmare. Some work in the health care area (I was thinking that I don't want them working on me), some are in the food industries, some go to school and some do nothing and yet we find a place in our life to scare people.

When it all ends we will go our different ways, until hopefully next year.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

So I think I made this harder then I thought so it will be mult choice


  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • super strength
  • Fly
  • Run fast
  • hold my breath under water


  • Halloween,fall
  • Christmas, winter
  • Easter,spring
  • vacation, summer
  • spiders
  • snakes
  • losing someone I love
  • outer space
  • Ireland and Scotland
  • German and New Zealand
  • Brazil and Chile
  • England and Egypt
  • German
  • Spanish
  • dutch
  • french
  • piano
  • Bagpipes
  • banjo
  • jaw harp
  • Carlos Santana
  • my chemical romance
  • North star
  • owl city
  • When I get where I'm going
  • Amazing grace with the bagpipes
  • Oh my Father
  • Black parade
  • I'll build you a rainbow
  • Ghost riders in the sky
  • Somewhere over the rainbow
  • read me a memory

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I would like to Announce ..........

my 100th blog post
I would like to do something special
I know that lots of people do give aways and I do plan on doing that
but I will not tell you what the prize is until the winner is announced.
So here is the challenge
I'm going to set up a quiz below
the one that answers the most correctly will win
Email your answer to me at
then there is no cheating! I wont to keep you all honest.
GOOD LUCK to you all
this quiz will be about me
1. What is my Favorite Color?
2. If I had a special gift (physically) what could I do?
3. Here is a easy one, What is my favorite Holiday and season?
4. What I'm I most afraid of?
5. If I could live anywhere in the world other then the US where would it be(there is two of them)?
6. What language would I like to learn?
7. What is one instrument Ive want to learn from the first time I heard it?
8. who is my favorite emo/rock band?
9. what song do I want played at my funeral?
10. What song does my dad play on his banjo and sing, and it makes me cry every time?
I will post the Answers and the winner on Nov 1st.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I have never been in so much of a emotional hurricane as this year
I have felt it and Ive seen friends and family feel it.
I hate when I see the people I love hit hard times in their life and I cant do anything about it. I can only stand next to them and help hold them up but I don't feel that's enough.
I do understand that we have to sometimes fight our own battles but it hurts to see them out on the battlefield fighting a giant before them that makes them broken and beaten.
I also understand that the lord wont let us fight alone, he has given us the tools to win, we just have to put on the whole armor and stay focus and true to ourselves, other and our heavenly father.
it makes me think of Alice in that Shinny armor when she goes out to fight the jabberwocky.
We can do it.


Just so everyone knows that I kind of count this as a journal because I write whatever here when I have time during my lunch break. Plus sometimes I forget to write at home.

so here goes

I find that the more people I meet that there are many who are depressed

And I hate to be a jerk but they do it to themselves. This year has shown me many different types of depressed people and how they act out to other people. I found that its cause by one thing


If everyone who has depression and even if you don't, take the time to think of others and try to do an act of kindness your depression would slowly or quickly go away. Thinking of others makes you happy because you can see the change in the person your helping and that fills your soul with peace and happiness. kindness takes over the depression like light controls the darkness. Christ spent his whole life serving others and acting out of kindness and I dont believe he was ever depressed. He had his trials that he had to over come but the whole time he was thinking of Us. Why cant we spend 10 minutes or more on someone else. Just think about it when you our feeling down on your self.



Friday, October 8, 2010

Taking Photos

So yesterday I was taking photo with my friend Freddy here. I was having alot of fun taking photos of him.

I really don't like drunk ladies that I just want to Punch. They cant hardly stand up and then their eyes roll back into there heads when you take a photo they should not be there.

Oh Freddy I missed you so.
PS thanks Freddy for helping with that lady.