Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Logan's Manual and Guide Book

First off this may sound really vain

For sometime now Ive been thinking about Writing a Manual about myself to give to guys that I date. Ive been putting it off for awhile but after I broke up with andrew I thought that it would be a good time to start it and finish it. Then they know before hand if they can handle my very unquie character. we wont waste His time and money, and I dont have to waste my time and emotions. So for fun Im going to give my few but important readers an inside look on my Manual and guide book....

I need to start by saying Im not a normal girl, 90% that normal girls like I probably don’t.  Which also means I don’t always act the same way. Im not perfect so don’t tell me that, Im not always right so don’t say so. Though many of times I am.

Pet Names


99% of Pet Names is a No but there are the rare 1% that are expectable. The other 99% is a no go, Because Im unique, all the names like –Babe, Hun, Sweety, sugar, Honey and whatever else people think of to call there loved ones are retarded. The reason behind this is because everyone uses them. Be creative and Fun

Going Along with name my name is Logan not Ms smith. It just keeps telling me Im single and still in that confusion part of single life.


When it comes to dating not every date has to be an arm and a leg. There are lots of things you can do that don’t cost a lot or anything at all. You just have to be creative. As for me sometime those creative cheap dates are the best, not saying all. In my opinion if a girl expects you to dish out a hundred plus for the 1st date, I really don’t think she is really worth it, do you know why because if that’s how she is on the 1st just think of the dates after that. If your just dishing out money then she is probity not into you but your money. You should get to know them and see them for who they are inside not just material things. Men learn this quickly.

(more to come in this section)

Notes and Letters

Notes and Letters are so sweet, I love them. A cute little note here or there, maybe a love letter on a trip.

Letters and Notes I will keep so I can reread them and save them for Life.

(also more to come in this section)

It will be a continuing Process that I will enjoy writing and maybe in a few year from now I will look back at this and want to change something but for now, Im going to write my true thought.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Continuing on with my long list of things to bring you up to date on.

NEXT is school.
well its been sometime now and I have not been going to school or really anything else. So its about time to jump back into things. I was excepted into Weber but they are about 45 minutes away and I work full time so I will be getting my Assoc in Music at SLCC (salt lake community college). I will be taking 5 classes this semester, Music Theory 1, Ear and sight training 1, writing, public speaking and  recital attendance (which from what I heard I write 1 paper on a performance). Im super stoked to be doing something and learning. Even though it interferes with NightMare on 13th.

which leads me on to my next thing on my list.
I love this place, I would list why but it would take all day.
We have started training with make-up last week, they are really taking things seriously. I wont be a full time makeup artist at nightmare this year because I start school in august but they still want me to come be on the team for the weekends because we always have more face to do then we can handle, so I wont miss out completely. I will also be acting and staff support. Plus they are redesigned the Inside and my friends Jodi and Alan are Redesigning the Outside. It looks fantastic. you probably think its crazy that we are working on the house so early in the year but you have to start early so you don't have to rush the creative juices. (sorry dad its just not out of my system yet, what do you except when you are just a few hours shy of being born on Halloween)

ONE of the most important things in my life that I have to be patient about is Baby Boots. you would think I would have it by now but I was this way with Harvey and Lia. She has been baking for about 8 months and 12days give or take some because I don't have exact days (I don't want them) It would be cool if she was born today then she could join me on the Scary side of things. Would that not be awesome, FRIDAY the 13th. she could only come early healthy and strong. Haley has been telling me that she kicks and elbows her all the time. Haley did text me that Boots put her bladder in a headlock. I think this child will be a hand full. We will see if Haley and Nate want another after her. Come to think of it I wonder why grandma and grandpa had more after my dad, but then some people do crazy things.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It been sometime so let me just tell you a few highlights of my life.
The farest thing back that I can remember that effected me was Walmart and the Bird. Some of you no these stories but here they are again for those of you who dont. I would just like to say how much I HATE walmart, there are so many thing I could back my facts up but I just want to bring up One. My boss had ask if I would go to walmart and pick up some treats for the office and because im the perfect employee and I want to get away from my desk I said yes. When I get to walmart I go in and really the first thing I see is a bird inside walmart. Ok Whatever, now in the this walmart the treats and candy is clear in the very back of the store. As im walking back I look up and that bird flys ahead of me like I was destined to follow this bird. I make it back to the candy, im look for snacks that everyone would like and not just me a feel a plop on my head. Now before I go on, I HATE GOING TO walmart. Continuing on Can anyone guess what it was that plopped on my head. I bet you guessed it, the bird crapped on me. For some reason the first thing I do is text my boss. this is what I text( sorry mom)" A BIRD JUST SH*T ON MY HEAD, INSIDE WALMART" Now my boss cant text back so she goes and gets one of the IT guy to text for her. Jodi and Joseph had there day made by this Text. thankgoodness Jodi is a sweet lady and my grandparents house is close I could go take a shower, but when I finally sit down at my desk half or more of the building knows about the walmart bird.

This next little Information I hope to make it short. I had been working two jobs for about a month and half. I had been missing FHE( Family Home Evening) and the first FHE back I honestly did not want to be there I was tired and I could have been doing things at home so I want with no high hopes and to give even more truthes I looked like a bum walked off the street. Chillin in the back of the room I saw a guy sitting right in front of my roommate and I elbowed Nichole and point at him "hey he is cute" of course Nichole said "no" because our taste is completely different which in my opinion is a good thing. Nichole then said I should talk with him or invite him over for a movie, In my mind "yeah right". So through all of FHE I just stared at him. FHE was over and we were going to have a movie night at our apartment. So Nichole went over and invited Andrew. I worked so hard. Right away we hit it off and we could talk freely and be ourselves. It did not take long to be BF/GF. I met his family and he met many of mine. Over 2 and half months I felt something was out of balance. He is a good guy, has a kind family, He likes being around mine etc...That balance did not equal out and I broke up with him. Sad to say it took him by surprise. I dont think I have ever cry that much over a guy. In the end its been a good direction. To my surprise a couple weeks later he came up to me and told be he was going on a mission. WOW that WOW thats all I can say. He will make a great missionary.

During this Breaking up thing, I was blessed to be in seussical the Musicial. Besides having Family and closes friends to help me, Seussical was one of the best things to have keeping my mind busy. We were doing almost everynight practices. We were dancing and singing away. Thank you, it help relieve stress and all at the sametime it was a blast. My Musical family.