Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Have you ever heard of a ZEDONK, sounds french does it not or maybe Im say it wrong.( I think french).
Have you seen a donkey, how about a Zebra.
Hmmmm...... put them together and you get a ZEDONK.

How cute is that Little Girl. I would take her in a heart beat.

Friday, July 2, 2010


During the summer I play softball on two teams, Churchball ( that's always interesting) and city.
Last Night I was playing on my city team ( the Giants, even though we are all pretty small excepted for one person.) We were playing a team ( the Bruce), I find they are my favorite team to play and hears why.
1. They are always drunk at every game.
2. they make some of the funniest comments.
3. they are just cool.

well last night we started the game and we were the visitors so we were up to bat first. first up was Tanner and he hit the ball between shortstop and left. he made it to first base. I came up to next, I did my practice swing, measured and set my footing. The first ball was a strike, but your not suppose to hit the first one so I let it by. Second Ball I pulled to far left and it went foul. I'm thinking last chance, I cant have a good one go by. the ball was coming in high and I hit a grounder right to shortstop and I was thinking I was going to be out, but right at the last moment the grounder took a different direction. Right up into the guys face. you Could hear the crack all around the field. Two things came to my mind, Good thing he's drunk, but he will feel it in the morning. and my other thought, My bad. I walked to first base as there was a time out. the guy stumbled around for a moment, lended up and wanted to continue playing. at the end of the game which we won, I got a close look at his face, I had split his eye brow open, the thing that saved him from having it worst was his flaming red sunglasses. ( he was more worried about his glasses then his face), but all at the same time he was drunk. Yeah drunks.