Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My racing years

From a childs point of view.

As a little kid of five-ish, we had a little red motorized scooter and many of the days that we rode the scooter I was sitting on the back as Haley, Captain, or Marshall was driving. Now on one glorious days Haley got the bright idea to let me drive as she sat on the back. Being my first time driving I had know Idea what to do except to make the scooter speed up ( no clue that there was a brake). We let her rip.. well I should say I let her rip and off we went. Now because speed is the best thing and to have the wind blowing in our hair, I forgot to steer and all i heard was Haley yelling "let up on the gas" let up on what gas. Being five I had no worries, but Haley had a few going through her head( I found this out a few years later). She had these worries,

1- We cant hit our dad work truck

2 - we will die if we run over mom's garden

3-we will hurt ourselves if we hit the house

so there was only one option left, THE frog and poo infested POND. Haley grabs ahold of the handles of this little red scooter turned us into the pond. Now I dont remember much from this point on ( I dont know why) but from what my dad told me after he pulled haley and I from the wreckage that I was still pushing that scooter to the limits with it on top of both of us. the amazing thing with that scooter it still ran after a couple of gallons of water in its system and maybe a few frogs ( frog legs yumm).

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I always wondered why people all around the world are stealing, murdering, lieing, cheating etc.... but I really did not think about it happening to me. I don't understand how a friend that you love and trust would turn and stab you in the back and many others. A person who would do such a thing has lead a poor and pathetic life with nothing to look forward but hatred and pain. Yes it hurts to be stab but the real hurt will be coming from this person's cold dark heart.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that some people are out to mess other peoples lives up so that they can feel good about themselves, but where are they going in life. NO Where.

Its through friends and family that makes this life worth living and without them there is nothing. Thanks to the gospel in my life I see that's the only way I should live my life and that its not my right to judge those who do wrong to myself and others.

Thanks for letting me vent.