Friday, October 19, 2012

NightMare on 13th

So I may not be working there but I stay in touch with many of the scary people that work at NightMare on 13th.
Last Night a few of us went there and had a fun time.
Its hard not to Hug every person you know because you don't see them everyday but its Fun to see their acting ability.

I don't know which of my friends were in the mask but he knew me.

Glenn, Me, THE CLOWN, My bosses Daughter and Erin (Glenn's sister)

There is a special place in my heart for haunted houses but I do believe that it is now in the past, only to be visited a couple time in October.
I love all my haunting Friends

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Its amazing how quickly things change in ones life, like Im now only taking 2 classes and Im so thankful that i am. It would have been overwhelming. Taking music classes are not a study the night before class or sleep through.

Something else that has change is im not doing NightMare on 13th this year for a couple reasons one I have school and because of this Man

This Photo will not work with me

Yes ladies and gentlemen that is a toilet.
PS that is not all cleavage 3/4th of that is a necklace.

This is Glenn, we have been a couple for about 3 months give or take some and he cracks me up. The other day we were at my grandparents house and grandma asked us to move her old toilet to the road so that the garbageman would pick it up, well we get it out there and I start to walk back into the house and notice that Glenn was not by me. I turned around and there is Glenn sitting on the Toilet and waving at passing cars. There was some shocked faces in West Valley. 
His family gave me the nickname of SHARK or SHARKEY because they said that I was very skilled at dealing and shuffling cards and maybe because when we played Hand and Foot I was teamed up with Erin(Glenns sister) and we butchered everyone. They think I should work in Las Vegas, not going to happen.

We went to the Hill Air Force base Museum the Other day and squished into a tiny photo booth. How we were sitting the photo would have been pictures of our chest so not only were we sitting on top of each other because there was barely any room but we also had to slide down so that the photo would be of our faces. I bet it was pretty funny the two of us falling out of the booth.

I just Love being around him and days that I dont get to see Glenn are very sad days. As dad told us we have to have laundry days so that we dont get sick of each other.

More to come.

Lova ya