Wednesday, December 29, 2010


In different lives
they find that it can be sad
the grayness in the sky
the crawl of the water into your shoes
leaving your toes cold and wet
But is it really the drops that tumble down
or the clouds that sometimes seem like they will never lift
No its the feelings that are inside ourselves
will we let them control us or will we control them
Only when the rain comes
is when we get to see the beauty that comes after
we see the full glory of the blue Sky's as the rainbow falls to the valley below
and its when the sunsets the stars decide to give us a show
Only when we let the light fall into our hearts
that's when people will see the beauty inside us
and we will see it for our own self
After troubling times
only then is when we see the blessings within
The cleansed soul

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Scary Christmas
and a
Frightful New Year

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Magic Treasure

I have not been doing much after Nightmare, just reading, movies and Masks. Its strange how quickly your body and mind grab a hold of something and how it just wont let it go. Whether its a real life person, a characters life in a book, places that you have been and how the feelings you have for whatever hang over you like a snow cloud ( I would have said a rain cloud but I like the rain) and the sun cant cut through. I'm not trying to sound like life is dreary or anything like that. I'm saying that god created us to have a detailed and twisted feelings and its a puzzle to unravel and find the magic treasure inside. Like he himself is cutting and polishing us up for something better in the future. Its a mystery that wont be solved in one TV episode, it will take a life time of ups and downs. Maybe the the feelings we have are there to inspire us to focus on our dreams and complete them, not to discourage us.

Hmmmmm(clear of the throat)....... I just stepped down from my soap box.

Hope everything is going well for my readers and friends

Love you all.