Friday, May 8, 2009

The Voca People

Completely Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nineteenth Century

Over the next few days, I will be sharing the Nineteenth century to you all

The Language of the Ninteenth Century Etiquette

Womens Etiquette:

  • Graciosly accept gentlemanly offers of assistance
  • Wear gloves on the street, at church & other formal occasions, except when eating or drinking


  • Fefer to another adult by his or her first name in public
  • Grab your hoops or lift your skirts higher than is absolutely necessary to go up stairs
  • Lift your skirt up onto a chair or stool
  • Sit with your legs crossed( except at the ankles if necessary for comfort or habit)
  • Place your hands in pouches or pockets for ease
  • Lift your skirt up onto the seat of your chair when sitting down( wait for , or if necessary, ask for assistance when sitting down at a table or on a small light chair)
  • Involve yourself in Vulgarities and do not tolerate the behavior in your presence

  • Of course, a lady will not be rude, nor dress so as to attract undue attention, much less to create unpleasant remarks
  • She will be kind to all
  • She will not fail to recognize friends by a pleasant smile and slight bow ; she will not look back at anyone who passed her
  • She will not eye another ladys dress as if studing its very texture
  • She will not gossip
  • She will not stop upon the walk to talk with a friend to the inconvenience of others
  • She will not make the street a place of meeting with person whom she can recieve in her home
  • A true lady in the street, as in the parlor or salon is modest, discreet, kind and obliging. If she is to the contrary, she forfeits her right to be called after the truly genteel
  • The truly well-educated, well-bred never betry vanity, conceit, superciliousness or hauter. set this down as an invariable law, and amle or female, let it guide all of your actions

The Language of the Ninteenth Century Etiquette

Men Etiquette:

  • Wear Gloves on the street, in church & other formal occasions, Except when eating or drinking
  • Stand up when a lady enters the room
  • Stand up when a lady stands up
  • Offer a lady your seat if none are available
  • Assist a lady with here chair
  • Retrieve dropped items for a lady
  • Open doors for a lady
  • Help a lady with her coat
  • Offer to bring a ladys refreshments if they are available
  • Offer your arm to escort a lady
  • Remove your hat when entering a building
  • Never stare at any one
  • Lift your hat to a lady when she greets you in public
  • If the lady with whom you are walking is saluted by another gentleman, acknowledge the same by removing your hat
  • Should you desire to converse with a lady you should happen to meet, do not detain her, but turn and walk in her direction
  • While walking with a lady in a crowded thoroughfare and obliged to proceed singly, the gentleman should precede her to clear the way and the gentleman should take the side next the street


  • Refer to another person by their first name in public
  • offer your hand to a lady upon introductions ( a life of the hat and bow are most refined)
  • Curse or discuss vulgar or "impolite" subjects when ladies are present
  • leave a lady you know unattended, except with permission
  • Use tobacco in any form when ladies are present
  • Greet a lady verbally in public unless she acknowledges you first
  • eat or drink while wearing gloves