Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Choices, Lots of Money

Well its been a while since I have lasted blogged sorry. Trying to find something funny or exciting is a bit difficult at this moment in my life.
The last few months Haley and Nate have been looking at home to buy and I have been lucky enough to go with them on a few occasions. Over the passed year and a half- Haley, Nate, Mom, Dad and a few others have been hinting ( their hints are like atomic bombs) that I should buy a house. Finally I have started to look into buying a home here in Utah. The thought is very exciting, but all at the same time I'm terrified because I'm afraid of doing this alone. I know I
have family and friends to help me along the way but in the end it falls on my shoulder to complete the task at hand.
Does anyone have any suggestions to making buying a house easier and not so stressful.