Monday, October 26, 2009


As many of you no my favorite holiday is HALLOWEEN, and the past two halloweens ive been working up at This Is the Place which is a poineer park but during the halloweens season it turns into THE HAUNTED VILLAGE. I was up at the park working/Playing and i had a very interesting scare.
It was getting late into the night and it started to slow down, when a couple came through. My friend scared them into a run and they were heading my way. Now most of the time people look were they plan on going but the gentleman was looking back at my friend and about that time I jumped out of my hinding place. I planted my feet and then there was a collistion, we both were still standing but once he got his sences he noticed what he hit. He started to scream and left his girlfriend and ran into the bushes. Now at this point im wondering why he went into the bushes. Then it clicked into my head he probly has to pee. So instead of walking up to him and telling him that he cant pee in the bushes I left him to do his business.Now not forgetting the girlfriend she makes it to where her boyfriend went into the bushes and waits for her boy to come out. He came out about the time she got to him and all I hear is " do you still have to pee" and he said " not any more" thats when i was glad i did not go over and tell him to get out of the bushes.