Friday, December 5, 2008

strip poker

i hope that im still good looking enough to do this when im old

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


someone sent this to me a few weeks ago and told me not to get drunk and get a tattoo. it makes complete sense, unless your a retard

Friday, November 14, 2008

Darth Vader

I had a special 20th Birthday present: Darth Vader took a picture with me and wished me a Happy Birthday. He was kind of scary, even if I did have a lightsaber. (See blog title picture)

Brothers Divided

By Logan Smith
War began between the south and the north. The north had thought that it was right that the blacks should have their freedom. The south thought otherwise. The south did not think the blacks had rights, that they were not people but objects to be owned, slaves to the color of their skin.

As a child in the south, Duncan Johnson was tall for his age and nicely built and was unique when it came to his thoughts at least for a southerner. Duncan’s dark complexion came from being out in the sun with his colored friends. He did not care whether they were black, white or indifferent. He saw them an equals. He saw their pains as the flesh from their backs had been shredded as the whip had crashed on their mortal bodies. As a youth his older brother Albert Johnson was short with broad shoulders and had a well mannered personality. He had been taught differently from his younger brother Duncan. He had been taught that the black people were possessions to be owned as you would own a cow or a horse. Even the animals were treated with more respect than the slaves.

Albert and Duncan were only a few years different in age. Al as he was called had been trying with all his might to teach his stubborn and unwise younger brother that he should not care for the blacks. In his heart Duncan had grown to love his black friends but he would not share his feelings for them to his family for they would shun him and keep him away from those he loved.

While time went on Duncan keep that emotion that his family forbids. At this time Duncan had turn into an adult and wanted to take his life into his own hands and journey north. Leaving his family and emotion behind.
Back at home Albert lived up to his family’s expectations, by becoming a plantation owner like his father.
The south had become a farming area with many slaves, and the north had grown to be an industrialized civilization. The north and the south began to spread apart and created new ideas on how America should be. In the middle of the dispute was the question of slavery and whether it should be permitted or not. Conflict grew to the point were the North and the south finally butted heads, and the War Between the States was set into motion.
It was April 12 1861 when the war officially started. It had been 6 months when Albert decided to take a stand and join up with the confederate army so that the south could keep slaves on the plantation. He signed up on November 1 1861 and headed for training in December. The training was grueling. As an Army they had to spent all day on drills which were important from their military tactics.
Al was to be under the charge of Albert Sidney Johnston comander of Army of Mississippi. Al had made it through many rough battle, in the snow, the scorching sun, and the thundering sky. The war felt like it would never end. Al had many tears fall down his face as friends die on the battle field. Over time Albert wondered why the war raged on and why he came out here to fight, but was quickly reminded.
On the night of the 5th of April the army of Mississippi was commanded to be prepared to march early on the 6th to push back Army of Tennessee. Al was wokened early before the sunrose. Al and the amry of the Mississippis came onto the union camps by surprise and began to attack. By mid morning the conferderate thought that it was an easy victory, by overrunning one of the union’s frontlines and capturing their camps. albert had seen many of his fellow southerns die by the north. There was no time to cry for them as they fell on his right and on this left. He struggled to press on with this slotting of men. By that night General Grant’s army was forced to yield ground. The union survivors established a solid front before Pittsburg Landing and lasted the last Confederate charge as dusk ended the first day of fighting.
It went though camp that Albert Sidney Johnston had been killed during that day’s battle and many more men had been killed. As the men talk that night they said that you could smell the blood on the ground and the rotting flesh as the brush had burned it off the wounded men’s skin. It was a disappointing day for both sides of the war.
That evening Duncan came in with Don Carlos Buell who was in command when the battle had started back up on the 7th of April. They were strong and ready for battle. The Confederates were tired and weak from the day before. They had many casualties and were not prepared and did not know that they were now out numbered.
Duncan had not spent much time thinking of his family and rarely sent letter to them. But that evening he wrote a letter to send to them for he felt it was time to.
The Confederate troops were ready to finish the job they started the day before, but their future was not meant to be.
That night Duncan stuck that letter and a picture of his wife holding his new born son in his pocket that was on the left of his jacket. Not knowing what was going to happen that next day or who he was going to meet.
On the 7th men were lying all over the countryside in merely a few hours of battle. Albert had been running on the fool charge when he had tripped over a body of a union. He looked down into saw sad eyes. The eyes of the union soldier reminded him that his young brother was about that age. The soldier had eyes as Duncan had. Albert knelt down next to the men who had been shot in the chest. Asking if he was Duncan. As the blood ran from his opened wound the tears ran down his face he shook his head yes. Albert could not hold in his tears. In their hearts they both wished there had been another path to take.
Albert lifted Duncan’s head and held him in his lap. A few heartbreaking moments passed between the brothers. Duncan reached into to his pocket and pulled out the letter and the picture. The bullet had pierced though the picture of Duncan’s wife and son. He picked up Albert’s hand and placed the letter and the picture into it and with his lasted breath said forgive me and passed on. Albert new that it was not Duncan who ought to have forgiven but himself.
Albert just held onto his brother far into the evening. Even after the battle had ended.

meeting the Family

from the pictures in my blog it makes it look like my sister and i are always together, well thats because we are. except when she needs Natey time (which is her hubby)
(not Nate just did not have a picture of him)


LC " Little Captian" or "Little Chub"

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i have always been a huge fan of the turtles, but this new video that they put out, im not sure about it. what are some other thought from my readers
here's a question for anyone reading this would you be able to wash your hands in a sink like this. sure i would get a laugh out of it but using it, i dont think so it would just be decor.

No idea

i really dont have any idea how to blog but thats the nice thing about having a sister who blogs all the time