Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Being the day before thanksgiving very few people are here at my work, because of that I feel that I do whatever I want.
I was in the middle of the mail room floor and I decided to bust a few moves, I had such a good song on and I could not miss the opportunity. So I did a hip swing thing and was feeling really good and the feeling was popped as my friend Mark walked through the door.
Now to try to cover up my craziness I did a swing right, then left and walk to my desk. Only hoping he thought that I could not make my mind up on which direction I was going.
I think he thinks Im crazy and that ok because Im crazy.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

There is a guy that i have gone on a couple of dates with ( we shall say his name is Jeff). I have seen jeff around but i have never gotten to really know him, and two weeks I get a text from a very close friend ( you could almost say we are sisters) asking if i new who Jeff is and I told her I did, but I did not know much about him. that was basically the end of the texting between the two of us. Then Last week I get another Text from Her asking if I would go on a Date with Jeff and I said yes. so friday night we went to dinner and a movie, It was alot of Fun and I really got to know him better.

Now as this was happening I had tickets to a hockey this coming friday Night, and i could not figure who i should take to the game.

Problem : There is another Guy in my ward that I have like for about 5 months ( I will call him Scott) Now scott is abit shy when it comes to girls ( I do not know Why) and its really hard to read him. I dont know if he likes me even though we play pool, go to dinner, game night and so on.....

Scott's best friend happens to be a very good Friend of mine as well ( her name will be Scout) and she know that I like scott.

So i have these tickets and I get a text Monday night from Jeff and I still had not ask anyone to come with me so I asked him and he said yes. Which I was really excited about because he is a really great guy. Now I have four tickets to the hockey game but because my sister was going to be out of town Invited Scout to get a date and come with Jeff and I. Scout said yes as well.

About a day ago Scout Text me asking what time and where to meet but also why I did not ask Scott to come with me instead of Jeff. I told her that I liked both of them, the truth is that Im a chicken and could not ask him.

Then today I have been thinking about the conversation and even though Im not dating Scott, I feel that Im cheating on him with Jeff.

Im I crazy or should I feel that way.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Guys..... Please Explain

The other night I was at church for some meetings and a few of my friends were there. We had been talking about the up coming Dance and just plan joking around. When one of my guy friends got up to leave. Now at the same time I was packing up my things and was starting to leave as well, when he turns around and announces that he now has a stalker and was looking right at me. Well I did not want to lose this oppertunity to say something back, so I told him that I was his new stalker and that I was going to follow him home. This is what he said Back " Well I dont thing your a stalker because your much to Bea....... ahh nevermind"
Here is the challenge to all my readers what words start with