Friday, July 5, 2013

Wedding Photos

 Logan Temple
 It all starts when your a little girl and people tell you about temples. They also ask which Temple do you want to get married in. I would tell them to take a guess... "Salt Lake temple" "No try again" " Seattle temple" "Nope ( I thought that it would be an easy guess) The Logan Temple its my temple"

There was a few time that I was worried that I would never find someone who could put up with all my crazy habits. Just like many friends would say " there is a special person for everyone"

 Guys really dont understand the saying
"Pain is Beauty"
It really was not that bad, I had amazing people helping me along the way.

You will see that in a few photos that its bright and beautiful however the day we were married it was beautiful but it became a snow storm. so most of the temple photos came in the spring. best of both worlds. Hair down photos of springs, hair up in the snow storm. 

Glenn and I have the best friends and family. We could not ask for better!

Cake before

Cake after
 Glenn really is the perfect Guy.

I never believed in fairy tales,
Until I married my Love


Leslie Anne said...

I win; Haley wore nude shoes! :D Logan these photos are gorgeous. It is awesome that you were able to take pictures twice. You will treasure these always. I'm so sad we weren't able to make it. It looks like you had a lovely wedding.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leslie we really did have a great time.